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What happens when I play the Google Name Game with Dannie?
Well for a start I learn not to ever use Kelly instead of Kel when I play it.
You can read the full conversation below, but be warned, it does have some rather adult language in it!

Dannie: dannie is hiding
Kel: lol
Dannie: dannie is mighty
Kel: yay dannie
Dannie: dannie is a misfit
Kel: lmao
Dannie: dannie is available
Kel: wooo
Dannie: danie is efficient
Kel: heehee
Dannie: oh my god
Kel: ?
Dannie: r the Discerning Gentleman. Dannie. Dannie is 23 years of age.
Dannie: lol
Kel: lmao
Dannie: a date site
Kel: heehee
Dannie: DANNIE: is Confined to a Mental Institution.
Kel: roflmao
Dannie: ohh dannie is eager
Kel: wheee yay me
Dannie: dannie is dating
Kel: she is?
Dannie: Dannie is an independent young lady who falls in love with the handsome marshal,
but fights her issues of trust while protecting her new home as well as her
Kel: lol
Dannie: from a booki guess
Dannie: LMAO
Dannie: Dannie is hot and steamy
Kel: oooooooh
Kel: she is
Dannie: Dannie is a male
Dannie: erf?
Dannie: am NOT!
Kel: lmao
Dannie: Dannie is dead tired
Kel: awwww
Dannie: Dannie is married to Joani
Dannie: I am
Dannie: how come i nevr heard
Kel: lol
Kel: you're myyyyy wife
Dannie: Dannie is an official friend now
Dannie: oh good
Kel: lol
Dannie: i am a official friend
Kel: yay you
Dannie: woot i am back
Kel: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Dannie: Dannie is gone
Dannie: where did i go?
Dannie: Dannie is not quite well.
Dannie: well that's not news
Kel: aww
Kel: *sends a card*
Kel: *and grapes and flowers and a sexy nurse*
Dannie: Dannie is super-snug
Dannie: oh yes I am
Dannie: yeah baby
Kel: mmm
Kel: *tries you out* yup
Dannie: Dannie is sceptical
Kel: Kelly is Dead o.o
Dannie: Dannie is ignoring me
Dannie: i am
Dannie: ?
Kel: lol
Dannie: Dannie is a teacher
Kel: yay
Dannie: eh
Kel: Kelly is crowned 'American Idol'.
Kel: lol
Dannie: Dannie is Queen
Dannie: woot
Dannie: hail me
Kel: woohoo *kisses your feet*
Kel: Kelly is soo amazing, the more I think about her the more I realize how incredible she is!
Kel: yay
Dannie: heheh
Kel: lmao @ this - Kelly is Coming
Kel: oooooh yes oh yes more oooooooh
Dannie: Dannie is full of Passion and purpose
Dannie: lol at kel is coming
Kel: kelly is waiting patiently for you to enter her
Kel: o.o
Dannie: Dannie is a handful
Dannie: lmao
Kel: lmao
Dannie: Dannie is responsible
Kel: you are?
Dannie: Dannie is recommended
Kel: yes lol she is
Dannie: by all doctors recoomends one dose of dannie
Kel: Kelly is one of the greatest male artist of all time
Kel: erf
Dannie: Dannie is always right.
Dannie: woot
Kel: yay you
Kel: Kelly is a proud chicken-hawk
Kel: Kelly is a cute black, white, and tan collie
Kel: woof
Kel: i'ma total bitch
Dannie: lmao
Dannie: Dannie, is poor
Covenant2121: amen
Kel Cara: awwww
Kel Cara: Kelly is a demon
Covenant2121: Dannie is everything I ever want out of this life
Covenant2121: lmao
Kel: yaaaaaaaaaaaay
Dannie: Dannie is doomed
Kel: noooooo
Dannie: Dannie is dead
Kel: Kelly is bottle feeding Kiara *looks around* i am?
Kel: NOOOOoooooOOOOooo
Dannie: hehehhe
Kel: Kelly is Irish and has a love of all things Celtic
Dannie: Dannie is just so funny
Kel: lol
Dannie: oh my god
Dannie: Teen Cumeater DANNIE - We have a total new comer
Kel: omg! lmao
Kel: kelly is such a pervert
Dannie: Dannie, is truly meaningless.
Dannie: lol
Kel: awww nooo
Dannie: that's it
Dannie: that's all the sites
Kel: Kelly is a divine goddess
Dannie: that was funny
Kel: it's fun to do
Kel: kelly is engadged to becca - apparently i am 'engadged'
Kel: whatever that is
Dannie: lmao
Kel: =))
Kel: Kelly is dezelfde persoon als Ferry van der Veer
Kel: riiiiight
Kel: lmao - KELLY IS A SICK MUTHA****
Kel: omg!! Kelly is ready to suck down big long cocks!
Kel: Kelly getting gang banged on camera!
Kel: >.<
Dannie: lmao
Dannie: dude what ARE you doing while i am away
Kel: Kelly is getting fucked good and hard on camera!
Kel: apparently
Dannie: ohh i wanna see that
Kel: Kelly in a porn video sucking cock and taking a dick deep inside her tight dripping pussy
Dannie: lmao
Kel: O.O
Kel: Kelly has such a hot sexy ass and the perfect set of titties
Kel: not quite but thankyou all the same
Dannie: lol
Kel: apparently i am a slut who knows what i'm doing lol
Dannie: hehehe
Dannie: apparently
Dannie: you get around
Kel: Kelly isn't afraid to get her pussy pounded good and hard by this big cock!
Kel: Kelly always makes me so hard watching the way she moans and groans on camera
Kel: *dies laughing*
Dannie: lmao
Kel: Kelly loves the feeling of getting fucked outside in public places, sometimes she just can't get enough
Dannie: lol
Dannie: you bad bad girl
Kel: apparently so
Kel: Kelly is one wild and crazy porn star
Dannie: and kinky
Dannie: sheesh
Kel: lol
Kel: Kelly is one of those chicks who will get fucked almost anywhere
Kel: erf
Kel: OMG - Kelly loves licking hot and sweaty balls!
Kel: i need a new job lol
Dannie: yeah
Dannie: you really do

I had no idea I was so skilled lmao.

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