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Social Life at Hogwarts

Most people that know you, like you. You are a little shy, friendly, and very sweet and innocent. You try your best in your studies and often get an okay grade. You are scared of the dark, monsters, and bugs. You love your friends, but sometimes don't trust all of them. You are very quiet around strangers, but when your with your friends you could be the loudest person in the room.

Harry: He is happy for you and Ron and thinks you are a great person. He is kind of torn about who he thinks should be with Ron in the end. It's either you and Hermione, but he thinks you are both good for Ron.

Ron: He loves you. He's glad that you both share the same fears, such as spiders. He thinks you are great to be with and is completely comfortable in your presence. He knows that you and Hermione have a tension between you and always leaves quickly when you three are all together. He is so glad you are his girlfriend, and prays that you'll never leave him.

Hermione: She hates you because you took Ron away. Her logical side knows she's judging you wrong, but her heart refuses to forgive you. She wants to be your best friend again, like she was before you started dating Ron, but everytime she sees you with him she storms off. Jealousy is a tricky thing.

Ginny: She is one of your closest friends. She can't wait til you and her become sisters-in-law. However, she is also torn, like Harry, on who is more of Ron's soul mate. She always says gross when she sees you and Ron snogging, but besides that she's happy that your around the Burrow all the time with Ron.

Neville: He thinks your nice, but that's basically it.

Fred and George: They adore you and pick on you for going out with Ron. They like to tease the two of you when you are snogging and laugh when you both blush. They always tell you about there pranks and love how you laugh and appreciate them. They are ready to weldome you into the family.

Oliver Wood: He doesn't know you that well. Only sees you as the quiet girl who is Ron's girlfriend.

Cedric Diggory: Doesn't know you.

Cho Chang: Thinks you are really cute and the sweetest little thing. She thinks you are very innocent and is always very nice to you.

Lavender Brown: She finds it hard to hate you, since you are so nice and all, but deep down she hates you with every fiber in her body. She is thinking of joining with Hermione to get rid of you, but knows that Hermione wouldn't go that far.

Draco Malfoy: Thinks you and Weasley deserve each other. Both blood traitors. Deep down he wishes he found someone like that, but won't admit it. He thinks you're an okay person, but can't say that for fear of getting punished.

Pansy: Doesn't know or talk to you.

Crabbe and Goyle: Same as Pansy.

Dumbledore: He thinks you are very nice and wishes you the best with Mister Weasley.

McGonagall: She appreciates your effort in class and thinks you are a great student. She just wished that you and Mister Weasley would stop staring at each other during class.

Hagrid: He thinks you are a great girl and laughs when you and Ron always blush. He thinks you two are the cutest couple. He calls it 'puppy love'.

Snape: He doesn't notice you and doesn't care. He takes house points from you every now and then, not because he hates you, it's because you always manage to do something wrong in your potions.

Voldemort: Is thinking of using you to get Ron, but doesn't know if you're worth the trouble. Has you on his list of people to kill, but you aren't exactly his top priority.

Reputation: The Nice Girl
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