Doctor Fiancee (kellingham) wrote,
Doctor Fiancee

I am an ASAD behind I think so this shall do nicely for yesterday:

This large fellow wandered into my thoughts last night and sat down with a large thud (large being because he seems to be a Kodiak bear).
"Hello." He said pleasantly.
"Hello there." I replied warily (as one is when faced by a Kodiak). "Who are you?"
"I am called Thunderpaw." he yawned, settling down in the comfortable spot he had found in my mind.
"And why are you called that? It is an odd name." I asked, curious even when faced with teeth like that.
"Because I do this..." he grinned as he added an upturned trashcan lid to his newfound space in my head, one of those large metal ones.

His large forepaw, larger than any paw I have ever encountered, met the metal lid with a powerful crash. From somewhere in the bushes of my thoughts small animals scattered in every direction.
"Arrgh! Thunderpaw!" A passing coyote shouted as he ran from the noise.
"Ah. I see." I nodded with understanding.
Tags: art, asad

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