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So I needed to kill an hour or so (trying not to go to bed too early because it'll probably throw off my entire week schedule) and I started doodling.
After a while it was clear that it was going somewhere. Somewhere so wrong and yet so right. And probably very much inspired by this picture by ponderosa121 and this fanfic by metalkatt.
I've always quietly shipped this pairing anyway, we all know Gabe has some homosexual tendancies anyway...

This says nothing about the artist and author themselves, merely the characters. Particularly Gabe (see above). Very sorry, I swear.

I'm actually terribly proud of this. I find it really hard to emulate styles or other artists and I wanted them to be recognisable. I really like Tycho's face. I should colour this. Yay!

There should be more of this.
Tags: art, fanart, penny arcade

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