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Google Name Game

Welcome to the Google Name Game, where you go to Google, and in advanced search write (yournamehere) is in the search for exact phrase box

kel is getting popular (yay me!)
kel is a brown jesus (wtf?)
kel is gay (oh, ok)
Kel is a psychic (woohoo yay....I see the fuuuutureeee)
Kel is so hilarious (uuuh thankyou?)
KEL is easy to use (erk!)
Kel is wet (I'm not touching that one)
Kel is a force to be reckoned with (PH34R M3!)
Kel is unique in many ways (Apparently I am)
Kel is indeed a charmer (oooh blushes)
Kel is determined to become accepted as herself; she likes being a girl (That's pretty accurate)
Kel is my favourite heroine (Yay me!)
Kel is out! (Not officially yet)
Kel is alive and still drinking lots of Orange Soda (Mmmmm orange soda...)
Kel is rarely seen without a pack of her feathered friends (*looks around and at the canary* - close enough)
Kel is Kath's dream lover (Who's Kath? Is she cute?)
Kel is rather lanky and slim (I wish!)
Kel is doing all the work (uhh yeah I am! Honest!)
Kel is shy (Yes I am actually lol)


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