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I thought I'd round up some of the sketches I'd been playing with lately and have a good old art dump in my journal. Most of it is entirely crap, but I don't care.

First the Potter stuff.

Andromeda and Narcissa, late teensish. Andromeda has a sort of OMG I am related to this airhead? expression going on.

Narcissa again, this time all grown up and ready to torment Muggles.

Tobias Snape, going off on one.

Severus Snape, seething quietly.

Final Fantasy...

I'm not too sure what Sephiroth is up to here, he looks oddly innocent for once though. Maybe before he went batshit?

And on to the original stuff.

I might have posted this little fellow before. It's a robot with a bird.

This is just a guy working hard in an office. It was going to be the basis for the first panel of a comic I wanted to do, until I remembered I can't draw comics. Ah well.

A small sketch of Eilidh, something I've been working on for a while on and off. I have a large coloured version too but I kind of like the sketch. Going to try painting it properly some day I think.

This little fellow is one I've been thinking of creating for a RP game I'm in. I think I'll call it Tweek. Isn't it sweet?

As always comments are welcome, both good and bad and mostly helpful. I like helpful.
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