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What a lovely day I've had today. It was warm so we decided to take a drive up to Callandar to have a look at the town there. It's very touristy but there are some great little treats hidden among the extreme amounts of tartan. There is a chip show that does utterly fantastic chips, a couple of handmade sweet shops (oh they had sweets I haven't seen in years! I should have bought more but I ended up with a bag of strawberry sherberts and a mix of various things - I made sure to get a bag that had clove rock in it), a store that only sells seashells and another that only sells wooden items. Most excitingly there was a bookshop, entirely unassuming with nothing more than a sign that said Books. I had to have a look in.

I immediately wished I had a few hundred pounds to burn.

It was full to the brim with antique books, many of them having been lovingly rebound in leather by the little woman who ran the shop. Instead of a counter and till there was a dining table with a plant in the middle at which she sat reading a newspaper and chatting with customers. Where she kept the money I have no idea, I was too busy admiring the books. Alas I didn't get too much chance to browse as mum tires of bookstores quickly and dad and I found ourselves alone so we wandered out again.

That's when we got some fish and chips and took it to the riverbank where many families had the same idea. We found a nice sunny spot and amused ourselves with the dogs bounding by and the ducks and gulls. There was a chocolate lab and a german shepherd, both still no more than pups but nearly full grown, who kept stealing each other's sticks.

And then... WOOF WOOF. We turn our heads and there is a wolf.
One of the most handsome wolves I have ever seen in my life too. A Canadian fellow was visiting relatives or somesuch and brought it over with him. Dad got a great picture of it on his phone which I am going to have to get him to email to me because it came out great. So we spent maybe half an hour watching the wolf play with some kids and bark at the gulls and generally enjoy himself as I ate strawberries and cherries.

After that we went further up into the Trossachs just to have a look at the beautiful scenery. Saw a few things of mild interest, eagles, the lochs, odd vehicles etc. On our way we passed a very regal looking stag, head held high as he crossed a field and paused to occasionally nibble at the long grass. We found a viewpoint on a hill and decided to turn there after admiring the beauty. We passed the stag once more on our way back (clearly he was in no hurry to get anywhere) and met traffic.

One of the stupid boyracers had ploughed into a caravan and we couldn't get by. Luckily there was a small, single car width road to the right and we followed perhaps a dozen cars along it. It was a long way and deep into woods and valleys and so scenic. I doubt that road has seen as much traffic in 10 years as it had this afternoon. We passed campers who had tents at the riverside giving our strange 12 car convoy and odd look and I don't blame them.

All in all it was such a nice day trip out.

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