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Everyone seems to be rounding up a summary for 2002 and making resolutions. I never make resolutions because I can't think of any that I'll keep. At least I never used to.

(In no particluar order here, and this is by no means everything that, I am missing a lot out here)

2002 - The Good
1.Going back to the USA and bardiphouka.
2.Moving UK homes from Cumbria to Scotland and away from my old life that was going nowhere fast.
3.Getting a job.
4.Nana moving on with her life, dumping her good for nothing husband and getting her own home after countless operations.
5.Growing spiritually and physically (yay cleavage!) and turning 21 at last.

2002 - The Bad
1.Leaving the USA again.
2.Moving from Cumbria and suddenly realising that I actually miss Hay (my best friend).
3.My job being crappy, long, hard and paying less than minimun wage.
4.Having spent nearly a year in Scotland and remaining isolated from those around me.
5.STILL not having a direction in life.

2003 - The Ugly
1.Go back to the USA where I am actually happy and remaining there one way or another legally.
2.Learn at least the basics of another language well.
3.Get a job that pays and will have at least some tiny scrap of a future in it.
4.Socialize more, even if that means facing people (erk).
5.Continue to think about what I want to do with my life, and just keep up with the art and writing regardless of how bad I am at both.

And as for my New Year celebrations, they can be summed up rather nicely.
I partook of absinthe and kissed a girl, while being dragged from one pub to another by Hay and her new boyfriend who is a sweet lad but his friends are arseholes, as is Hay's friend Lynda, who decided to pick a fight with Hay's boyfriend's drunk arseholes of mates, causing me to get quite cold and drunk and sore. And lost. And rather confused. And then everything magically fixed itself in the morning and I didn't even have a hangover. Go me.
Pretty simple really.
Happy New Year all.

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