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So work has been.. interesting this week.
I got to spend a couple of hours labelling Aftershock on a Pago machine* at roughly 70+ bottles per minute. For some odd reason I was the only one able to keep the pace at that speed, that includes the Pago which broke down several times. Normally a couple of hours would result in blisters the size of Texas, but apparently not that day. Guess I was lucky.
Tonight I got to pallet. Whee. This is traditionally a male job** but I had fun doing it. I even got to drive the electric truck a little.
And finally the silliest thing. We went onto line 4 to finish an order the overtime shift had done half of. I was heading to inspect the back labels and out of curiosity picked up a front label to see which country the order was going to today. This is what it said:

Lauders Whiskey
MISR Foreign Trading Co.
Duyy Free

Yes, that's right. Duyy Free.
"Liz." says I. "Is it just me, or is Duty Free spelled wrong on this label?"
So we check the labels in the machine. We check the labels on the table. We check the labels on the bottles that overtime have packed.
Every single label said Duyy Free. Clearly a typo on the designer's part.
Now this order has been running already for several hours. Let's look at how many people have seen these labels shall we?
At the printer's - the designer, the quality inspector, the printer, the cutter, the final inspector, the label store manager. Some of these being several people.
At the bottling hall - whoever accepted the order, the label store manager, the line manager, the quality inspector, the labeller, the inspectors, the packers.
A minimum of a dozen people. Chances are 2 dozen as we rotate jobs every hour, possibly more.
Why am I the only person who noticed such a glaring error? This is not the first time they have not noticed something until I pointed it out either. This is silly. I am just a bottle monkey, I don't get nearly as much money as the managers or QC girls. Grar!

Also someone has hung a very professional looking hangman's noose over the bar at the end of line 1. We're taking bets on who uses it first.

*A small portable labelling machine, press the pedal to make an arm press down with a label.
**Not sexist particularly, simply because it can be a heavy job and most of the employees are middle aged women used to labelling and inspection.
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