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What defines a woman?
It seems no matter which woman's site I look at the emphasis is on pregnancy, childbirth and raising of offspring. Does a woman have to have children to be a "real" woman? What of those who choose not to? What of those who simply cannot?
Why don't men's sites (in general, I am sure there are some who actually do) have sections for child rearing? They are just as responsible as the female for the creation after all.

This is something that has been bothering me for a little while, probably caused by the girl at work who oopsed herself pregnant and now thanks to company policy and her own self-important feeling of entitlement is getting special treatment.
She sits ALL night. I don't mean some of it, I mean I only see her move to eat and pee. Usually we change jobs every hour (health and safety requirements - prevents likelyhood of RSI and boredom etc). There are a few sitting jobs but many more standing so often you will find yourself standing for two or three hours before getting a seat. This isn't a big deal, we're all capable of it. Except now we might have to stand for four hours, or only get a half hour on a seat because she refuses to move.
And some sitting jobs she refuses to do. She won't operate the Ponys (portable labelling machines) because you have to - wait for it - press a pedal. OH GOD SHE MIGHT DIE! Seriously though, a 5 year old could press them, they're designed not to be difficult. There is no way she would get physically stressed doing that, especially considering we only use those on the super slow speed lines.

There are plenty of standing jobs she could be doing, some of them less stressful and less difficult that some of the sitting jobs. I see no reason she can't straighten the boxes that come off the conveyor before the bottles are packed into them. They're slow and light. There is definately no reason she can't put the dividers into the boxes, they weight about as much as a couple of sheets of paper each and it's not like they need to be forced in. Or she could run the self adhesive labeller, all she has to do is watch it and occasionally press a button. Actually, considering she isn't even showing yet (yeah, she's not even that far along yet) she could still be packing. I can understand her avoiding that job when she's the size of a house and can't reach the boxes anymore. I'm even nice enough to let her off putting bottles on the line as the line is very high (we're waiting for the delivery of a new depal).

And then there is the issue of maternity leave. She'll get six months, paid (and looking at her dates I think she should be denied that because she was technically pregnant before she signed her contract and I'm sure you need to report that). That is more than one of the women who used to work there was allowed on sick, and she had CANCER. Come on people, pregnancy isn't a disease! She isn't paralyzed from the waist down! She doesn't need six months to recover! I have seen women come out of hospital and be shopping within the week (not all cases, granted - look at my sister-in-law.) Paternity leave is...hmm...2 weeks I think. Are men not allowed to "bond" with the baby as much as women? What happened to equal rights? Equal should be equal, men and women the same. What of men like my friend Craig? His wife is incapable of having children. Or women who cannot have children who work there? Or choose not to? Why can't Allison have paternity leave if her girlfriend has a baby? Why can't an adoptive parent take leave? They would have to use holiday time.

I think a system needs to be introduced where women can apply to have non-maternity leave, and men get the same amount as their wives. Of course I am sure some childfree contract would need to be drawn up, or medical documents provided to prove you're not lying about your lack of fertility to get time off. Maybe, hmm..say the average woman would have 2 or 3 kids, then women who choose not to/can't could apply for 2 or 3 blocks of 6 months paid leave with the same rate as maternity and no more than one block every 2 years. Seems fair to me.

Opinions welcome, I love a good debate/agreement.
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