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For those of you who are fans of Sailor Moon, my little find may interest you. When I was very little I recall watching Sailor Moon in Germany, I'm pretty sure it was on RTL or RTL2 (TV channels) on a kids program hosted by a puppet cat. This being the first time I came across the show I naturally have a lot of fondness for the German version (I still think of Usagi as being called Bunni, though as I recall most characters still had Japanese names), particularly the theme songs. To this day the German themes are my favourite. I think they were done by a group of cosplaying singers called the Sailor Moons or Sailor Moonies or something, they were always selling their CDs after the credits anyway. So I thought I'd share, for those of you who may be curious:
This is the tune I associate with Sailor Moon for the most part, I remember this one running longer than the other anyway and it's quite fun to dance to.

This is the second tune, which I think I actually prefer, even if it's not as funky as the first.

Mmm, nostalgia.
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