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Apparently our new building at work is haunted. Nifty. Though I find it odd that a building that is still under construction would already have a ghost. Is it possible the ghost that was supposedly in the building we knocked down to build the new bottling hall hung around? I dunno. It's doing funky things. Aside from the machinery randomly breaking down (machinery that worked fine in the old hall until it was moved) there have been a few less explainable occurences. First I saw was the roulette of doom food dispenser randomly turning itself. Not all wheels at once, not in any sensible order. Just the top wheel, one full rotation. Do they do that by design? Why just the top wheel? Why can't they put anything tasty in it and who exactly would pay 80p for a small pack of cereal without milk which is another 30p?
The second was the drinks machine, brand new, dispensing itself onto the floor. A cup of hot chocolate by the looks of things. Then the adjacent vending machine suddenly stopped working.
Last night one of my coworkers was in the bathroom when the lock on her cubicle door began rattling as if someone was trying to open it from the outside. She was the only one in the bathroom at the time. All terribly odd.

Also, I feel like there is a stack of rants I want to get off my chest. Unfortunately I can't see a way of ranting that won't offend some people on my friendslist regardless of whether the ran is aimed at them or not. So blah, not ranting today.

Nightshift suits me down to the ground, if only it left me with more free time.
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