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Eilidh's 1st BD 034
Yay! Cake! And Jennifer (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Dido I think).

Eilidh's 1st BD 032
Cake is good to touch.

Eilidh's 1st BD 030
Poke poke.

Eilidh's 1st BD 028
Ooooh fire...

Eilidh's 1st BD 033
Where did the fire go?

Eilidh's 1st BD 037
This cake is delicious!

Eilidh's 1st BD 021
The smaller girl on the left is Emma, Eilidh's cousin.

Eilidh's 1st BD 018
What's that you've got there?

Eilidh's 1st BD 020
Here, let me show you how that works.

Eilidh's 1st BD 016
I love this photo. That's my mum swinging her around and making her laugh. It's hard to get a photo of her laughing, she always stops to stare at the camera.

Eilidh's 1st BD 014
All sleepy.

Eilidh's 1st BD 001
Ooh, a balloon!

Eilidh's 1st BD 009
Num num num tasty ribbon.

Eilidh's 1st BD 006
Huh? I thought I heard someone eating ribbon over here.

Eilidh's 1st BD 003
Eilidh is the Fonz. I love this pic.
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