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Siiiigh holiday over. Tomorrow we start on the new dayshift before they shunt us unlucky few to nights. We're working half an hour earlier every day and half and hour later too. Good news is in return we now get Friday off. Three day weekends should be available to all if you ask me. I'll only end up sleeping and wasting the day anyway, just like I wasted the holiday. Oddly enough by not sleeping. No idea why.
Also, I had a tonsilith. It was interesting. I guess I swallowed it.
I also bought True Brit, a comic about Superman if he had landed in the UK as a child and with the input of a couple Monty Python writers apparently. Including Mr. Cleese. I haven't read it yet, but what I've skimmed looks amusing. Anyone want to borrow it when I'm done?

Someone buy Animal Crossing already, my town is lonely.

  • APAD 18 & 19

    18: Origami roach, Little origami hat... Hat goes on the roach! 19: Watching the cold rain Dampening the world outside, I'm glad I'm indoors.

  • APAD 16 & 17

    16: OBJECTION! Cries Wright As Godot drinks his coffee. Let's blame a witness. 17: Archaeology. Tight shorts and far off places. I am Lara Croft.

  • APAD 15

    Some pain we avoid. When the needle pierces skin, Some pain we embrace.

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