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Well the morning at work wasn't so bad, we did the first part of engineering training (did I mention we did the taste testing and blending last friday?). But the afternoon...UGH.
We were scheduled to go to a box making factory to see how our boxes are made and so off we go about 45 minutes away. All is well. The snow is pretty. If only our company had told their company we were coming today after a schedule change and not on wednesday. We turned around and watched our minibus vanishing into the distance.
No problem, we can wait in the canteen and charge what we eat and drink to the company while Lee-Anne phones our boss and tells him to phone the bus. The boss does so (or claims to - we're not sure about this) and says the bus will arrive within the hour. This is around 1:30pm.
An hour passes and we phone back. Oh, he's on his way he'll be there by 3pm.
3pm passes. Our boss assures us he'll be there by 3:30pm, it must be the weather.

Someone comes to tell us the bus is there at 4pm. the bus driver claims he's been there all the time, he merely went to get a cup of coffee at a nearby snackstop. I have no idea who to believe. I don't care. I just want to go home.

It was 5pm when we got home. I swung by the doctor's and he wasn't in so they couldn't tell me what my results were or give me back the forms I need to actually start work in the new building.
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