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Well we went off to A&E this morning, with me feeling very under the weather. As it turned out it was not an A&E but a minor injuries unit and therefore staffed by nurses who can't really diagnose something like my problem nor prescribe anything helpful usually, which is a bit of a shame as it would probably greatly help the NHS if they could. After being shuffled around a little and told to come back in an hour I got to see an actual doctor who poked and prodded me. Well actually he poked a little, diagnosed me, prodded a bit more and confirmed his diagnosis. He was hella quick. Then he kicked me out with a prescription and I got to wander up into town and get the required horse tablets antibiotics.

I hope these work. Huzzah.

Interesting it is not any of the various mouth infections we had been guessing, it is in fact an ear infection that manifests in the mouth.
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