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So there I was at work looking forward to a quiet rabbit hole day when I realised I felt a bit funny.
It was THAT time of the month, early too...
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Well once the indignity of the torn clothes passed and I was standing there feeling a bit tall and gangly and silly I managed to pull my cap back on my head and lament at the fact they had given me a large sized visibility vest. The damn thing never tears and I have no excuse not to wear it. I'm just glad they didn't shout at me for not wearing my steel-toed shoes. It's hardly my fault they won't even go near big enough for my stupid furry feet. Paws. Things.
So I got on with work anyway which i can tell you is pretty damn hellish when you've got great big lumbering paws for hands. I can grip with them fine, but I kept breaking the bottles and my claws kept going through the paperwork. I'm not even going to tell you what happened to the coffee machine. Needless to say I'll remember to get a steel mug to bring with me next time.
I wasn't really doing too badly until Rab thought it would be funny to tie some Aftershock bottle caps to my tail while I was busy trying to write a pallet number down (pen went through the paper and embedded in the cardboard beneath it. Oops). I swear I couldn't help the carnage that followed. I just went nuts chasing the damn things. It took ages to mop up the drink afterwards. I got sent to do a rework order and Rab got a little lecture from our boss about respecting his coworkers or something.

I thought I'd at least get some peace at home but it turned out mum had the dogs booked in with the groomer for today so I got sent along too.
Ah well, I smell nicer now anyway.
I'm going to go chase kids up trees for a while.

January 27th is the Second Annual

LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day!

Conquer Greenland. Sprout some extra limbs. Walk on water. Marry an insect.

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