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I was lifting a pallet today when my hip went again. It's been painfree for a long time now so it took me by surprise. Bah. Ah well, it was a minor problem today.

It was just before work ended that a coworker, Mary, came hobbling through into the warehouse where I and two others were making up cases. She supported by two of the young male staff as she walked. She had been complaining of back pain all day and I presumed she must have bent and twisted it as she seemed to be in some pain and was having difficulty walking even aided. She passed us a few steps and asked the lads to help her sit on a pallet of cardboard dividers we were using for a rest. They finally got her lowered down and sitting (we shall say politely that Mary is not exactly a slender lady). I put a divider into a box Angie had made and turned back around to see if she was ok. This took less than ten seconds in all. As I watched the lads were pulled forward by the weight of Mary collapsing unconscious onto her back on the dividers. She looked as pale as though she didn't have a single drop of blood in her body. After a moment of wrestling in which someone (I think it was a forklift driver) had ran off to find one of the managers the lads managed to set one of their coats down on the floor and get her into the recovery position. As the manager, trailed by a couple of other bosses and first aiders, arrived Mary took a fit and an ambulance was called.
At this point the manager asked us to leave the warehouse and go into bottling hall 2 to wait for the buzzer going. This was fine by me as I could not help anyone by hanging around there anyway. When work ended and we left we had to pass by Mary and the various people milling around her somewhat helpfully. She had been quite sick but I couldn't tell if she was awake by then. Someone had had the sense to fetch the blanket from the first aid room for her at least and the ambulance arrived as we clocked out. Guess I'll find out tomorrow if she's ok.

Finally, Craig was in the hospital last night I believe. He's been getting numb feet and the doctor sent him there for tests. They did the usual bloodtests and nerve tests and whatnot until they reached the diagnosis.

He's been tying his shoes too tight.


Only Craigy could manage that.
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