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Tomorrow I have to go to this stupid interview for my own job, which obviously I am more than capable of doing otherwise I wouldn't have been doing it the past couple of years. It boggles the mind.
As such I am not particularly concerned. If I get the job - meh. If I don't get the job - meh.
Honestly? The place is starting to bore me incredibly. The sooner I execute my super-secret-for-now plan the better.
Speaking of The Plan, has anyone ever experienced that moment of utter clarity when everything you've done so far seems to make sense and it is all leading towards one inevitable outcome? Yeah, for a brief blissful moment I knew exactly what it was I wanted and how I wanted my future to run. Since then I've been....happy. It's odd.

Anyway, it's probably just me going insane and as such I am reluctant to reveal anything beyond that because it's all terribly silly and simple and probably not exactly what anyone expects.
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