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I do this thing with my hands. My fingernails in particular. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's a sort of rubbing and poking action. Nothing harmful, just odd. I have to do both hands the same amount so one doesn't get 'left out' (I do all sorts of things symmetrically or evenly so that things don't get left out. It's a quirk I guess). It's something I've always done as far back as I can remember. I just do it automatically. It's an urge. I have to do it. If I don't do it when I feel the need to it's almost uncomfortable. If I try hard I can not do it for a while but I always give in in the end. It's worse when I notice I am doing it because then I am thinking about it and it just gets worse until I find something to distract me. It's not a problem but it can get frustrating sometimes, especially at work when I am using both of my hands a lot.
I also bite my lips a lot. Usually I chew small strips of dead skin off them. I found a type of lip balm that seems to help a bit yet I do it anyway, just less than I do without balm. On the plus side I have lovely soft lips as a result. On the downside I occasionally chew too much and end up with a bleed. It's never big, but has been noticed by a couple of people at work when it does happen.
My right leg has a mind of it's own sometimes too and it shakes of it's own accord. When I notice I am doing it I can stop it right away and there's no need for me to carry on. Problem is I get the feeling it can take me a very long time to notice it. This does not affect me at work as I am usually either standing or in a sitting job that requires me to use that leg to operate the machinery. It doesn't really affect me when I'm resting either, it's just a little odd.

So that's a couple of my body's weird things. Has anyone actually noticed me doing any of these things? I have no idea if any of it is noticable to anyone but me (aside from when my lip bleeds on rare occasion). Is there anything else I do like that I haven't realised? Does anyone have the slightest idea what causes these or are they just very strange habits?

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