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You know the drill, put your chosen music player on random and have the songs answer the meme for you. Seeing as titles would not really answer these very well it makes more sense to post the title/band and a line/verse from the song chosen that fits best. Instrumentals can be skipped as it's more fun to have lyrics.

Where do you live:
Lamb - Alien
If home's where the heart is
That's where you are
My heart is right there

Describe your first love:
Scott Matthew - Psychadelic Soul
I'll be all right,
Jus' my turn, you know
Please don't be mad
It's part of life
I'll wait there for you

What is your favourite thing to do:
Ani Difranco - Studying Stones
'Course numb is an old hat
Old as my oldest memories
See that one's my mother
And that one's my father
And that one in the hat, that's me

Describe your current love/crush:
Tori Amos - Crucify
Got a kick for a dog, beggin’ for love
Gotta have my suffering so that I can have my cross
I know a cat named easter, he says will you ever learn
You’re just an empty cage girl if you kill the bird

What do you like to wear:
Divine Comedy - Becoming More Like Alfie
Once there was a time
When a kind word could be enough
And once there was a time
I could blindfold myself with love

What is your challenge:
Sarah McLachlan - Drifting
Larger than life is your fiction
In a universe made up of one
You have been drifting for so long
I know you don't want to come down
Somewhere below you, there's people who love you
And they're ready for you to come home
Please come home

Who are your friends:
Sting - End Of The Game
We ran through the forest
We ran through the streams
We ran through the heather
'Til we ran in our dreams

Describe how you look:
Anthony And The Johnsons - Twilight
I sit at all tables
With my candles
And angels besides
And I shall wait forever
As the day turns to night
Swallowed in the shadows that glow

What did you do last night:
Vienna teng - Harbor
sail your sea
meet your storm
all I want is to be your harbor
the light in me
will guide you home
all I want is to be your harbor

What is your goal in life:
Bloc Party - Blue Light
And you couldn't tell the difference
Between me and you
And I nearly didn't notice
The gentlest feeling

What do you do when you're angry:
Scissor Sisters - Mary
I've had it easy now you see
When I'm down you're always there
Standing by to comfort me

When do you have sex:
Joseph Arthur - Honey And The Moon
But right now
Everything is turning blue,
And right now
The sun is trying to kill the moon,
And right now
I wish I could follow you
To the shores
Of freedom
Where no one lives

How do you want to die:
Vienna Teng - Feather Moon
Feather moon
Scarlet sky
Living clouds
My blinded eye
Waters black
Wood in snow
Dead of night
How bright you glow

What do you say to your parents:
Origa - Rise
Ya stoyu na dvukh kontsakh ognya
Ogibaya virazhi, obgonyaya smyert' i zhizn'
Ya byegu srazit'sya s tyen'yu lzhi

Where do you hang out:
Anastacia Ft Eros Ramazzotti - I Belong To You
There is no reason, there is no rhyme
It's crystal clear
I hear your voice
And all the darkness disappears
Everytime I look into your eyes
You make me love you
Questo inverno finirà
And I do truly love you

What do you think of society:
Franz Ferdinand - You're The Reason I'm Leaving
I don't know you
and I
I don't want to
You're so awkward just like me
But I don't care
Ohhh, You're the reason I'm leavin

Describe your most recent heartbreak:
Cirque du Soleil - Quidam
There's nothing left.
There's nothing right.
There's nothing wrong.
I'm one. I'm two.
I'm all yet none of you.
The truth the lie,
the tear, the laughter,
the hand and the empty touch.
Here I am alone
waiting for the curtain to fall.

What is your excuse for everything:
The Divine Comedy - Tonight We Fly
If heaven doesn't exist
What will we have missed
This life is the best we've ever had

What are your thoughts on a Friday evening:
Vast - Three Doors
three doors to go through
i only want the one that leads to you
they say there's three doors go through
i only want the one that leads to you
because only one leads to you

What is your unanswered question about life:
Lamb - Less Than Two
Wanting you
Loving you
Holding you
Needing you
(wanting you)
(loving you)
(holding you)
(needing you)

What is your favourite colour:
The Killers - Mr Brightside
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
I'm Mr. Brightside

What is your advice to the those less experienced:
Anthony And The Johnsons - Divine
Did someone mention a rapture
Well I turn to think of you
Who walked the way with so much pain
Who holds the mirror up to fools
And I'll murder the ingrates
Who stand in our way!

What would you rather do right now:
The Cure - Mint Car
I'm so happy I could scream!
And there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be
Than here with you
It's perfect
It's all I ever wanted
I almost can't believe that it's for real

Describe your best friend:
Evanescence - Listen To The Rain
I stand alone in the storm (listen listen)
Suddenly sweet words take hold
(Listen listen)
Hurry they stay for you haven't much time
Open your eyes to the love around you
You may feel you're alone
But I'm here still with you
You can do what you dream
Just remember to listen to the rain

What's under your bed:
Tara MacLean - Holy Tears
Wrapped inside a twisted world
I can't decide what is even real anymore
as though I ever knew
Tangled in these silhouettes
floating face down in a river of regrets
and thoughts of you

What is your most prized possession:
HIM - Buried Alive By Love
If I should die before I wake
There ain’t no one my soul to take
If I wake before I die,
Rescue me with your smile

Where will you honeymoon:
Poe - Not A Virgin
I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin

What is on your to-do list:
Tegan And Sara - I Hear Noises
My health is failing me
So I flip on the television
And watch sad movies
And look for sad sick people like me

Where would you rather be:
Vast - Ecstasy
I have a secret
The secret's written in the sky
I need to go down slow
I need to get up to the stars
I have a secret

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