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Yesterday was good. I got a nice haul of gifts (new digi cam, lots of Harry Potter stuff from small stuffed animals to really expensive silver and gold plated house bookmarks, a huge stack of mostly anime-DVDs, a big pile of manga, Neverwinter Nights, Zoo Keeper for my DS and a lovely book that I am exceptionally proud of my parents for thinking of/managing to get.
Anansi Boys.
Silver edged.
Slip case.
SIGNED. yes. Squee.
And lots of other stuff I won't be listing because right now my mind is fuzzy.)

We had the traditional meal and ate too much. My brother and sister-in-law are staying with us with the baby who is an absolute delight as always. We watched cheesy movies on TV, played with our gifts and generally had a good time.

Until today.
I woke up several times in the night vomiting explosively. I hardly slept and seem to have strained my stomach as after a few trips to the bathroom there was just nothing left to throw up aside from bile. Which tastes worse than it looks. Luminous green is not a good colour for bodily fluids if you ask me. I spent 90% of the day sleeping on my chair in the livingroom and not eating. About an hour ago my stomach actually rumbled, forcing me to go find suitable foodstuffs. I found pineapple in lime jelly, some nice lemon and lime water to drink and a pineapple ice-lolly (which Eilidh stared at until I gave her a nibble. She seemed to LOVE the taste but wasn't too sure about the coldness of frozen water. I am sure it was nice on her gums though, she is teething.)

I am feeling a million times better than I was, even if I am dizzy and fuzzy and my hip is playing up from sleeping in odd positions. By tomorrow I should be fine. My parents weren't great either, though not as bad as me admittedly. That's probably because my immune system is still recovering from whatever the hell I had that was making me ill a couple of weeks ago. Jennifer was not well on Christmas so we guess she brought a bug with her. Quite possible really, she's a nurse. She's fine today so it must just be one of those 24 hour things.

Hpe everyone had a great day!
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