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Caitlin relaxes in the bathtub. She's been a bit listless lately. I think she might have the flu. (Yes, Sims can get the flu.)

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She's definately not very well.

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Yep, it's a honeymoon baby! Quite a surprise. SimKev is delighted.

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SimKel is pretty happy about it too. Meanwhile SimBardi entertains them all with a little music on the piano. he did come over for a little cooing later but I didn't get a shot of it.

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SimKel and Caitlin move the TV room into the gym and replace it with a nice nursery. SimBardi snuck upstairs to the bathroom while they did this.

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Seems he snuck off to meet a visitor. I'd swear he waited just long enough to see the beginnings of the next generation.

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SimKel, having not had the same mishap with elixir of life SimBardi did oh so long ago, is left behind and quite distraught.

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She is going to ensure she still sleeps next to him though.

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If she ever goes back to sleep.

R.I.P. SimBardi.
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