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SimBardi hangs out with some relatives.

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And Caitlin invites Simkev over. This is apparently how she says hello.

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They then invited a few friends over. Friends in formal outfits. SimHay was there, SimMattie, SimSean, SimDannie and Claudia, SimGary and...uhh...a random redhead who did not come in a dress. They have champagne. Why?

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It's a wedding! There was drinking and cake eating and dancing and kissing but I forgot to screencap all that. Oops.

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After the guests left there were just the two house couples. I may have to move Caitlin and SimKev into their own home because it's actually somewhat crowded. Either that or rearrange the rooms or something. I think it would be nice for everyone to stay together for a little while.

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Then off on honeymoon they go.

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Awwwww. Right after this they consumated their marriage with a lot of woohoo, which incidentally was also Caitlin's first woohoo ever.

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There's also a new family on the block, just for fun.

And a question that came to mind at work after my test earlier: if a werewolf bites a centaur, what happens?
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