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Goblet of Fire was excellent. Quite condensed and with quite a few things missing but we expected that really. I loved it.

Voldemort! Voldemort! Voldemort! Voldemort!
Voldemort seemed a actually. There were quite a few moments throughout the movie various kinds of slashers will like come to think of it.
Harry's parents! Oh the whole graveyard scene was very well done.
Harry bringing Cedric back to the maze afterwards was heartbreaking. So sad.
I wanted to see blast ended skrewts =(
Snape being bothered by Harry and Ron!
Harry in the bath (the kid works out)!
Jarvis Cocker!

Also, note to the costume designers. There are strong racial themes throughout all of the books and movies. We get it, we didn't need told. We definately did not need the Ku Klux Klan knockoff robes. Please fix this by the next movie.

That's enough for now. I am off to squee elsewhere.

Also, if anyone wants the MP3 of one of the songs Jarvis Cocker and the 'Weird Sisters' perform at the Yule Ball, here you go. I quite like it. It's catchy. If the link fails let me know, yousendit is only good for a certain amount of downloads.
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