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We have a real prick working with us now. He really does define the word prick. He is lazy, moody, gobby and incredibly offensive. In the short time he has been with us everyone hates him. HATES him. When we correct him on his mistakes (politely) he throws real two-year old tantrums and sulks. He has anger issues, denies he's gay despite telling several people he's bisexual and not a soul has even accused him of being gay and harasses people.
He has harrassed me twice.
He will NOT do it again and keep him job. Three strikes and you're out with me. I can accept people can make be assholes on accident once, even twice. Three times and that's it. He has made lewd comments about me and Craig having a threesome with Craig's wife. He implied that if I continued doing my job he would get violent (I carried on anyway the gobby little shit, anything he does is caught on camera and by the supervisors in there. He'd have a nice court case on his hands if he so much as touched me without permission.) and told me he once killed 200 rabbits and it was in the paper (the last time I read about a large number of rabbits being killed it was disease not violence and was many many many years ago). He also has an ego bigger than Jupiter, without reason BTW as he's not as attractive as he thinks, has really shit taste and is a general loudmouth chav.

He has threatened to spread rumours about Craig around the factory if Craig tells anyone he is gay, despite the fact Craig has never so much as suggested it to anyone. Besides, noone would believe him. Everyone hates the asshole and everybody adores Craig because he's so fluffy.
Fucking gobshite.

He's not even a good worker. He buggers off in the middle of jobs to the loo for up to HALF AN HOUR. He won't clean or do any of the other 'menial' tasks we're expected to do on occasion. He also likes Craig David and has his beard in the same style and odd crosses shaved into his hair at the sides.
He's a fat short-arse of a white boy BTW, just to give you an idea of how stupid that looks.
He was bragging that he plans on buying a pair of £200 sunglasses for himself for Christmas. Yeah. In Scotland. He is aware he won't use them for at least 6 months but he can tell people about them. He spends a stupid amount of money on designer clothes and says his computer couldn't be any higher spec because he had it built for him specially.
He's earning less than I am.
He also thinks that he doesn't need to buy his family gifts for the holidays and he should just buy for himself because "they are happier when he is happy". GRAR. KILL. DESTROY.
He also thinks that he deserves to get a nightshift permanent job before me because he's just so fucking wonderful. He seemed kind of put out when I told him that I do in fact outrank him seeing as I am a skilled worker, a machine operator and have been there for many years now. He then decided that they would send him a letter saying they couldn't hire him because he was too good looking. And he was being serious.
I shit you not.
He's THAT egotistical.
Oh and he has slept with a pornstar apparently. As I said to him, that's kind of like saying he got on a bus that was driven by a busdriver.
That's enough ranting I think.

We also have another American working with us. He seems nice, works hard. He's very very quiet though and I'm not used to that when it comes to Americans. He spends most of the time between jobs wandering around looking a bit lost, so I'm doing my best to help him.
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