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I signed the letter to apply for the nightshirt job today. I figure it this way: I can turn down the job offer if and when it comes but if I decide later that I DO want the job and I haven't applied...tough luck.
One of the things that did cheer me up was catching a rumour from one of the girls who works in the warehouses and is generally involved in the running of the place. According to her there is a good chance that us core staff will be taken and trained up on the new machines with intentions of making us supervisors. We do have the most experience out of the night shift applicants and are the most qualified. There would be an impressive pay rise from the already decent £300/week we expect as well as the chance to run our own lines.
My own line.
The idea, oddly, thrills me. I have never seen myself as a leader in any way, shape or form but I do know my way around the lines. I believe I am capable of it, even if I would be a fairly quiet and easy-going supervisor. I could end up with my own team of people following my orders!

It is however, still just a rumour.

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