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I am alive you know, not just a quiz taking machine after all. I just haven't much been in the mood for updating here. I've been leaving my status as away on most instant messengers too because I didn't want to talk to anyone. Time to get over it eh.

I made the trip back to the UK fine, sat next to a very large woman who decided she wanted to sit in my seat too, so I ended up quite cramped after the trip. Nevermind.
Tried a little shopping. For my da I think I'll get Murry Walker's autobiography, for my brother and his wife the new Lord Of the Rings box set and a big box of chocs, and Jen is getting a scarf set too. Mum might get Flowers in the Attic on DVD. Not sure. Has anyone seen the DVD version? I know she liked the book.

Not much else has happened to be honest. Unpacked and tried to settle back in but I find myself constantly restless.

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