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Stuff I wasn't able to get shots of:
SimStoo proposed to SimHay and now they're engaged. Caitlin, who unknown to me had developed a crush on SimHay got mad at them and slapped them. She then ran to SimKev for a hug and both SimHay and SimStoo who had both somehow developed crushes on Caitlin got mad and slapped her for being a hussy.
When did everyone decide they wanted to sex up each other?
I'll do some relationship repairs next time I play hopefully, but it will take them all a long time to get back to the way they were. Shame there's the jealousy thing going on, that would have been one hell of a threesome heh.

Anyway, on with the fun pictures! I figured I use the new Scope The Room feature to see who thought who was hot in the dorms:

Image hosted by
Caitlin thinks SimMattie is hot.

Image hosted by
SimSean thinks SimMattie is hot.

Image hosted by
SimKev thinks SimMattie is hot.

Image hosted by
Aha! SimHay thinks SimStoo is hot.

Image hosted by
SimStoo thinks... SimMattie is hot.

Image hosted by
SimMattie thinks SimStoo is hot.
Woah. Mattie, you're officially very hot. But then, we all knew that.

Image hosted by
This is SimStoo just after he proposed to SimHay and everyone was dancing.

Image hosted by
SimHay and SimStoo...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Over at our new family's house, Claudia got a new haircut.

Image hosted by
So did little Lisa.

Image hosted by
leokhorn, your sim won't stop playing poker!

Image hosted by
We finish with SimDannie asleep on her grilled cheese sandwich.
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