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Just to remind you of who they are.

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The family had some guests over for dinner, look it's SimKel! She's playing poker with Joe, Lisa and Simleokhorn. They seem to love poker.

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And this is Claudia. We'll be looking at her briefly.

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Claudia went shopping, where she came across SimDannie. She took and instant like to her it seems. But look at Daniel, it's like he's creepily stalking our blue-haired goddess!

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He stalked away just off screen and pretended to browse another clothing rail. Claudia took her chance to introduce herself.

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Daniel rushed over and slapped her.

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Back off beardy!

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Claudia is not one to take that sort of treatment lying down. SimDannie took the chance to escape to the other room.

Now I didn't manage to get a shot of it, but Daniel followed her through and Claudia chased after them both. Daniel started slapping SimDannie around in front of the crowd there. He SEEMS nice but I guess he's really a complete ass.
Claudia didn't like that.

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Claudia administers the smackdown.

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See everyone cheering for our girl, go Claudia!

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That's right, go home you dick!
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