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I took my Nintendogs to work to show Craig my puppy today. That was fun. Cue being surrounded by middle aged women all going AWWWWWWWWWW. Little Lady has that effect on people. I must get her a friend.

In other news I have created a new family to go into my Sims game next time I play.
Image hosted by
It started as a pair of siblings, the fellow in the middle who leokhorn may recognise and the young woman in the red and black corset. Like her, foxesrule? If you like her you can have her.
I then decided they required a teenager in the house, a sister in fact. The one in black. And SHE needed a teenaged brother who is standing next to her. The whole lot of them needed parents. And thus came the two old folks.

Interestingly, the game would not let me have all four of them as children of the elder sims. I presume this is because of the slight age gap between the two adult children and the teens. I had to make them the children of the older daughter, but as far as everyone is concerned they're all siblings XD
Anyone else want to get in on the act/have characters they want to get in on the act/wish to claim an existing sim?

The missing custom content thing appears to have fixed itself. What you need to do is simply set it to allow custom content when it asks and close. Next time you reopen they're back! I haven't tested the censore patch yet but I presume it works also. There are still a few outfits missing but I am guessing I won't care.
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