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Browsing through agegap, which seems to be a terribly sweet little community, and seeing what some of the people there have to put up with from just random members of the general public as far as tolerance to relationships with age gaps goes it occured to me that I have never experienced that.
Not once in my relationship with Bardi have we been heckled or insulted or even had a dirty look while we were out in public together, despite us very clearly being a couple. I wonder if that sort of behaviour is only local to the area? I'm not really complaining. Everyone I have met over there has treated us no differently from any other happy couple.

Interestingly the only backlash I have had personally is from my parents (who, despite quite disliking the situation seem to realise I am both an adult and happy) and from one of Hay's friends and her sister in a chatroom once. For some reason they don't seem to like me very much which is fine, because I don't really care for them.

Maybe people are just being polite about it to my face and are different behind my back? I don't really care to be honest, I am happy and the opinions of others has never really had an impact on the things I do in my life.
If you do have problems with us here's a chance to speak up now, anonymously if you choose, and have your say. I'd hate to think there were people wandering around with something like that bothering them, it's so much better to get things off your chest after all. In fact if there has ever been anything that really bugs you or concerns you about me, why not let me know now and have a little weight lifted?
Alternatively, feel free to comment with things you really like about me not that I can see those kinds of thoughts being a burden. Come on people, share your secrets! XD
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