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I spent the day with Eilidh again today. It's unreal how much she grows between visits, both mentally and physically. She keeps almost sitting up, 'talks' (makes high pitched squeals that I can only image are imitations of a rusty garden gate) and laughs at us, grabs things (hair mostly) and gets very upset if she cannot see around her. Especially if the TV is on. Or my laptop. She likes the WinAmp vizualisations. She seems to find it highly amusing when I talk to her. Or even look in her direction. It sends her into little fits of giggles. I would try and get a photograph of her laughing but she is unsure of cameras. Every time one is pointed at her she does the open mouthed shocked little stare at it. She was a little grumpy today but I think she is starting to teethe. Joy.

She still has fantastic aim and frequency with her vomit.

Question: does anyone else give water to babies in bottles when they're complaining and it is not time for their feed? Apparently the midwife has forbidden my brother and his wife from doing so (fashions for baby-rearing seem to change a lot, my mother always gave us water), I was wondering which was the more common thing to do; water or no water?

I also suggested to Jen that she find some nice steak bones for Eilidh to teethe on. She pulled a rather confused and somewhat disgusted face. Even after I reassured her they were supposed to be well cooked beforehand.
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