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The post is short today but I found new skins and meshes I wanted to test - the results will follow in another locked post, due to the fact it's very smutty.

Image hosted by
SimKel, SimBardi, SimDannie, Caitlin and some old guy called Mortimer who randomly showed up hang around in the tub.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
and SimDannie...

Image hosted by
are damn good dancers. Seems they dress alike too.

Image hosted by
Caitlin is surfing the internet in her underwear while her parents sleep. Wonder what she's looking at? Do we really want to know?

Image hosted by
And finally we take SimKel shopping for nicer clothes. Where are you going SimBardi? Simkel is changing in there!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The staff are amused.

Image hosted by
Caitlin is...well..Caitlin.

Image hosted by
Damn right you should feel triumphant man, especially at your age!
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