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There are only a few pictures today, I spent most of the time moving into and decorating a lovely HUGE new house for the family.

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SimBardi and SimKel celebrated in Caitlin's room...

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They're rich and happy and young, what more could a family ask for? Ooh, time for SimKel to go to work.

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Unfortunately SimBardi took the chance to drink some elixir of life, which backfired a little. Just enough to advance him to the next life stage. I immediately had him retire and sent him out to buy a better outfit.

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He returned home to contemplate his new situation in a nice bubble bath. It's an interesting change really. It makes it more true to life in a way.

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Of course aging hasn't changed his personality any, SimKel still is on the recieving end of his roaming hands...

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And..uh..yeah... their relationship really hasn't changed any.

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SimBardi was even sweet enough to pick up a copy of The Urbs for SimKel while he was out.

Next time - Caitlin grows up a bit more? New neighbours move into the area? Hopefully!
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