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Well, I have finally finished Half-Blood Prince. Who was, btw, not who I expected it to be at all.But then I don't think I really expected anyone in particular so it would have been a surprise anyway. The SPOILER/SPOILER shippers will be having a field day, and that can cover at least half a dozen ships.
SPOILER got SPOILERED, SPOILER and SPOILER are adorably cute together and remind me of a certain couple a little... a nice little surprise thankyou Rowling. SPOILER gets his SPOILER SPOILERED by SPOILER. We learn a lot about SPOILER, we get to hear about SPOILER's SPOILER and everyone is shocked when SPOILER SPOILERS SPOILER and then SPOILERS with SPOILER.

And that's pretty much all I can say without ruining it for everyone =)
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    Just doodling.

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    I've drawn a character I have never drawn before. I'm actually quite pleased with it. Because Kingsley is a badass.

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    I still haven't got the hang of scars. This and the previous Remus picture prove that.

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