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Work was hellish. I spent all day standing (you're supposed to get a turn on a sitting job every so often) and taking into consideration I hadn't quite recovered from yesterday (standing all afternoon and most of the morning, working on exceptionally heavy bottles) my feet were in agony by the time the day ended. I hobbled to the car, then up to my room and hadn't intended on moving for the rest of the night if possible.

Until mum ran me the bubbliest bubbles bath ever, and then made me some sweet chili noodles with pieces of chicken in. I can be easily tempted. The noodles were yummy and my feet have relaxed enough that I can walk.

Also, I am not sure if anyone remembers the ganglion I developped in the right index finger. It was quite a lovely little lump about the size of a ball-bearing. I must have had it for almost 2 years now and I am quite used to, if not a little fond of, it.

It's vanished. It was there on Monday and I am pretty sure it was there on Tuesday too. I can't remember feeling my finger yesterday though it is something of an odd habit I developed ages ago so I am not sure if it was there. I have not hit my hand even nearly hard enough or in exactly the right position to burst it and the hand injury I sustained (healing nicely btw) was in my other hand. How terribly odd. I could imagine it shrinking over time, but to vanish practically overnight?

The noodles were awesome.
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