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So I spoke to my mum to find out what the hell was going on at work. It seems my boss found out I could operate machinery he didn't know that I could. Being boss it really should have been his job to find out BEFORE all this started. I'm no mind reader, I didn't know that he hadn't spoken to the line managers like he should have.

So suddenly he wants me back.

Everyone is thrilled for me, how great it is that I have gotten my job back, how wonderful that I start on monday. The thing is I am not even sure I want to go back at all. I feel a bit used and unappreciated, the work is tiring and monotonous, the pay is hardly earth shattering. Yet everyone is happy for me. Noone seems to understand the way I feel about this even when I try to tell them.

I have until Noon tomorrow to make up my mind and phone them. I don't know what to do. I really don't.

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