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So the agency phone me today to let me know my boss had changed his mind and wanted me back. Which means that somebody (or bodies) has been fighting the case for me when I did not ask them to, nor did I even WANT them to. I lost the job. Fine. I was angry at the crappy reasons but I got over it sharp and have been applying to better jobs in offices. Part of me what quite pleased I didn't have to go back to that crappy place, despite the fact I have a lot of friends there.

But now I an in a dilemma. I don't want to go back, but I'll be expected to. The money is OK and the work, though tiring, is not particularly stressful. But they're not taking me back ebcause I am a good worker, they are taking me back because someone bitched a lot. I don't want a relationship with my boss based on people throwing tantrums for me. I didn't need the battle fought for me, I just didn't WANT to fight.

I told them I was waiting on hearing back from other jobs I had applied to and will call them tomorrow. I want to speak to my mum and see what the hell is going on at the factory.

I don't like attention, most of you know that. But if I go back there that's what it will feel like. I would be the test case for agency worker rights in that factory. AARGH.

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