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Well mum cornered my old boss for me today (these things are so much easier face to face after all) and asked what the Hell was going on.

Apparently they don't want me back because I never move from my mum's side while there.


A lot of the times I was in a different building to her! Yes, while on line 4 we worked together, because we were PLACED together by our team leader. We were always placed together because we worked fucking well together. And when line 4 wasn't on we would sometimes go to lines together and sometimes not, it was pretty random. A lot of the team leaders tended to intentionally give us jobs together because we were bloody good workers. But still, working well with someone is the crappiest reason to deny me a job! We were far from the only related pair in there! There was a pair of brothers who spent most of the day sitting around doing fuck all together. And the twins! They were stuck together most of the time.

He can shove his job right up his arse, they don't deserve people like me working there anyway. They can keep the slackers and the idiots who screw up orders constantly.

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