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I am absolutely furious with the agency that handles Whyte and Mackay workers. They just phoned me, after all this time on their waiting list while people who were on it after me got employed, to tell me that Whyte and Mackay don't want me back because I am 'incapable of working on my own'.

That's Bullshit.

If I was then why did they train me to operate machinery ON MY OWN? Why did they frequently give me jobs where I would work for hours at a time ON MY OWN?

None of the management in there have ever displayed a problem with the way I worked, and I worked harder than most of the people in there. Even my boss ASKED me to phone when I got back from America so that he could put me back on my line. I was a CORE worker, and a bloody good one too. I could operate fillers, ponies, handstitchers and anything they gave me. I worked quickly and to a high quality.

Why are the agency lying to me, and why did they wait this long to do it? What the fuck is going on?

Tomorrow the issue is being taken up with my old boss personally, screw the fucking agency.

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