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I know there are plenty of writers and artists and intelligent people interested in sci-fi and fantasy and other such good things like that in my friends list, so I am going to tell you about a new ezine bardiphouka is working on. There is a community also at tangledwoods for updates and information and the like. At the moment it's still in very early stages but here are the proposed themes for upcoming issues:


From the, Old New. Old myths,fairy tales and folk tales reworked by modern writers and Artists

Submission Deadlines
Fiction and Poetry, July 1
Reviews, July 10
Artwork, July 20

Here There Be Dragons. A continuation of the fantasy bestiary in fantasy,sf, and other media

Submission Deadlines

Tempus Fugue. Time Travel and Modern Fantasy, Sf, and other media

We need art, reviews, articles, poetry, fiction, anything you think would be appropriate really. Anyone interested?

::EDIT:: foxesrule just pointed out I didn't tell anyone where to submit stuff. For the moment I just want people to comment if they're interested and we can sort out a place to submit to very soon.

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