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ramothhe has a fan on Furcadia lol

Elryviel: [ let me make sure the site works first, it is a funny page out of the comic I am reading]
Elryviel: [yup, works, check it out]
You say, "[it says that module isn't active]"
Elryviel: [gah! buggering thing! Thought it was working. Hit Archive, then go to... umm let me see]
Elryviel: [#197]
You say, "[okies]"
You say, "[lol funny]"
Elryviel: [Thought you would like it]
Elryviel: [I've saved almost every single strip of that series]
You say, "[ahh you're a fan? one of my friends cosplays as one of the characters I believe, her picture is on the site somewhere]"
Elryviel: [really? Who?! Where?! WHich?! I wants to know!]
You say, "[um the redhead with glasses...goes by the name of ramothhe usually]"
Elryviel: [Hrmm... Not sure that I've read anything from about that char yet... but only on epi 201 so far]
You say, "[oooh I'm not sure what the character's name is lol]"
You say, "[looks it up---Jone]"
You say, "[ that's her]"
Elryviel: [so... excited... joygasming!]
You say, "[lol]"
Elryviel: [she is so fucking cool! I am sorry to use profanity to try and explain how happy I am, but I can think of no other words right now that would even come close to how else I feel! My god! I can't beleive that I am looking at a real pic of JONE! It's almost a damn religous expeirence! Shit! I sound like one of those little Back Door Boy listening fans that you see on TRL all the time! Oh well! I don't care! So exciting!]
You say, "[lol, I'll let her know you're happy to see her]"
Elryviel: [lol! Happy! Try positively giddy! Shit! I love her char on there. :wishes she were part sucubus, or any demon at all]
You say, "[lol heh *checks* ah she's not awake just now but I'll be sure to say Hi for you]"
Elryviel: [Jone and Gore are my two fav characters. I started to save all the strips when Jone first showed up. And I've been saving them since, I need to go back and get the ones before, and I think that I may have missed like, one strip
You say, "[neat, you're a big fan then]"
Elryviel: [um... just a bit...]
You say, "[heh cool]"

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