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Watching artists interact using only pictures in re_image is great. They seem like such a nice bunch of people and I would like to join in.
But when doodling away with my starting hello image I hit a snag.
I don't have anything that really identifies me. All of these wonderful artists seem to have designed little avatars to represent them and I don't have one. So I tried to come up with one. I'm at a loss. Just drawing myself would be both dull and time-consuming.
It was then I noticed that the vast majority of them are using fursonas. Even though I would not say I am a furry myself I did create one of those a few years back. I am not sure how many people remember her, she was a floppy-haired one-eyed albino rat called Aki. So I tried to draw her.

Perhaps I cannot draw her because she's not really my fursona, just another roleplay character. Then again perhaps she is and I just need to figure out what exactly she looks like. This led me to ponder; out of curiosity if you were to assign me an animal based on what you know of me, what would it be? What sort of animal comes to mind when you think of me? Does any at all?

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