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Well I'm here. In Scotland. My laptop is set up now so I can surf a little.
I did sleep on the plane over at least. Well I passed out more truthfully. I haven't really slept well for days.
Missing Bardi so much. It hurts.
The first couple of flights were uneventful really. I had to walk a long way in Chicago, and run a longer way in Heathrow. I just managed to catch the flight.
One of my bags is missing. Guess which one? Yep. Same one. British Airways will deliver it tomorrow. Just like last time.
Visited Ste and Jen. Gave Ste his birthday gifts. Jen BTW is quite large now, and has cut her hair short. We looked at the new scans of the baby in which you can see the face clearly. I must ask my brother if he could send me a scan.
Ate dinner. Stuff. Now back online and using my fancy new Harry Potter optical mouse Mum gave me. Works like a treat on the bedcovers.

So tired. So lonely though.

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