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You scored 20 Mass, 49 Electronegativity, 39 Metal, and 0 Radioactivity!

Sweet! You're quirky and non-confrontational... but you are also highly
dynamic in relationships. You're kinda that "anything to anyone" type,
but you don't demand that people love you for it. You very much do you
own thing... and probably by extention you're the only one who can do
the things you do. You're rarely found alone, but you'd get along great
with other people like yourself. You're probably the only element that
should try to find a mate who is just like you. Oh, and too much of you
in a high-pressure situation can make other people act drunk... or die.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 10% on Mass
You scored higher than 92% on Electroneg
You scored higher than 17% on Metal
You scored higher than 1% on Radioactivity
Link: The Which Chemical Element Am I Test written by effataigus on Ok Cupid

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