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Hopping around LJ sleeplessly I blunder into a couple of ratings communities... you know the kind. The ones where you have to fill in a silly little application and post pictures so that the members of said community can rate you.

Crap on a stick! Those kids are horrible to each other! And with no real basis at all. I saw lots of pretty teenagers who were getting told that they were gross or fat or ugly and I didn't see these flaws at all. It's no wonder teenagers have image problems if that's how their own peers treat them. The mods of the communities I saw were the worst of all, in fact one girl seemed to be a mod in every single community I went into. At least I think it was the same girl, they all look the same as each other. They were holding each other up to these odd standards and bitching at anyone who didn't dress exactly like them or wear their hair a certain way or didn't have the right friends or musical tastes. In fact it seems to be a huge clique, as several members I noticed with a slight glance were part of multiple ratings communities.

There are ratings communities out there who are fair and polite I am sure, but I certainly didn't see evidence of that at all tonight.

Want to see for yourself? Take a look in ratingcommunity. See the teens bitch at each other.

It's days like this I'm glad secondary school and puberty damaged my self-image so much I would never even try to join a ratings community.

Bah. Kids today.

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