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More Harry Potter Slash Comedy Goodness!

(Harry Loses a bet)
Heart failure was also not something that Draco experienced on a daily basis, but at the other teen's response, he felt as if one was coming on. "Potter, you're wearing girl's underwear."
Harry glanced down at his toned, slender frame and cocked one hip out. "Huh, so I am. It's a little snug though." He twirled around for Draco to get a better view of the red, sequined thong. "Do you like it?"
"Lost a bet actually." Harry muttered and flipped the first batch of pancakes onto a platter.
Both boys turned to see Professor Snape standing a green sequined g-string.
Draco gaped. "What the bloody F*CK are you wearing?! I mean what is this? Panties on Parade Night at Hogwarts?!"
Harry just gazed in sympathy at the dark professor. "You too, huh?"

(Hermione makes another of her brilliant plans)
"Well, I do have to draw up charts and plot graphs and do the proper research and dance naked by firelight under the waxing moon...I mean, making and executing successful plans is tricky business, you know."
"---So it seems."
"---Can I watch?"

(Malfoy plays with potions)
He concluded rather quickly that it would be awfully embarrassing, not to mention inconvenient if he were to stab himself in the chest and actually die.

(Draco gets a visit from Dumbledore and Snape)
Lounging in my favorite cushy armchair, I sat with my legs hanging carelessly over the arm of the black furniture. For the sixth or seventh time in my life I immersed my thoughts in the "gallant" adventures of Bilbo Baggins, otherwise known as the book "The Hobbit". Wizard Wilson's Wettest Water in hand and too caught up in the words of Tolkein, I did not notice my mother and father walk into one of our many living areas with Professors Dumbledore and Snape. The four sat across from me on a large sofa (save Snape, the always unsociable, who chose an armchair to the side) and my father cleared his throat politely. (Had we not company, I'm sure he would have poked me playfully in the side of my head.)
I nearly fell out of my spot when I heard the noise and saw my parents and the headmaster sitting across from me. "AHHH! I…I…I…"
"It's quite alright, my boy." Dumbledore was insinuating to the obvious that my shirt was missing; I only wore silky purple pajama pants. (I was thoroughly happy I'd not chosen the ones with bunnies that mummy bought me…especially since I'd just noticed Snape in the room as well.)
"Hello…um, professors. Mother. Father." Three of them smiled at me as I unsuccessfully tried covering my chest with the paperback and my bottle of water. "How nice to see you…so soon."

(Draco's Pyjamas)
"Draco." The boy looked up with his pout looking ghastly adorable. "You're wearing bunny pajamas!"
"Wha…? Oh, yeah. My…um…my mum…she thinks they look nice…and…oh Harry! I like bunnies, all right!?"
Draco emerged, smiling, the proud wearer of cute, fluffy bunny slippers.


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