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Well this is how well NaNoWriMo went for me - posted below is the complete story so far.

Carina stared at the glint on the metal, transfixed by the flashing light. She stared in awe as the beautiful blade pierced her mother's heart. She stared in horror at the dark growing pool that spread around her feet slowly. She stood and she stared. She saw it all, just as she saw the blade aiming for her before she felt it bite into her flesh cruelly. Then she didn't see anything.

When she awoke she didn't recognise the man sitting nursing a black eye at the foot of the bed in which she lay. Nor did she recognise the room in which they were. She did however recognise the bloodstains on the dress she had been wearing, now hanging on the back of a chair. She screamed and the man moved towards her, but before he could touch her she saw no more.

Carina woke with a start, her deep sea blue eyes wide at the memory. It had been almost twelve years but the memory was still as clear now as when she had been a nine year old screaming at her scarlet hands.

Ah well. Maybe next year eh.

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