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I was browsing around LJ, hopping from community to community when I came across this entry. I was absolutely horrified. Now don't get me wrong, I have know a lot of pregnant 15 year olds who made decent mothers (with the help of various relations) so this is not my problem. I'll copy a few things over here that just sit wrong with me:

I'm Renee.I'm 15.Been dating my boyfriend Mark for just over 2 years now (since I was 13,him 17)
Ok, slightly creepy age difference in that she's barely reached puberty but if they're serious about it and sensible it's cool

we've met offline,twice. I've been pregnant twice,yes both his.Miscarried the first.
Oh dear. Clearly not sensible. Both times they met, he got her pregnant. A case of 'OMG BABIEZ R TEH KYOOT!!1!1' perhaps? Maybe she hasn't been taught about contraception? Who knows?

I had been dating someone else at the time(Monty). He was my first love. He was 17,and I was 12(11 when we met)
11? Wow. Slightly creepier age difference with the 1st boyfriend, but hopefully they were more sensible than the current one. I really hope they never ever had sex.

I ran away.(Yes literally), and eventually while on the run,had attempted suicide.(This was just before turning 13).I was in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks (was let out 4 days before turning 13). My Doctor put me on two anti-depressants(Wellbutrin and Zoloft)
This kid has problems, is she really in the mental state to be having kids of her own?

I told Jenna I really liked Mark (as in b/f & g/f like),and she asked if I wanted her to tell him.I said OF COURSE! So she told hima,and it took him a while,and he and I talked, he told me he felt the same,and said that he felt that something serious could come from it,I blushed and said "I love you", he said it back,asked me out
It's worth noting that just before this the Jenna girl had actually had Mark's son, apparently after he raped her. This hurts my brain.

FAQ- I get asked these questions every single time I type this story so..
Jenna was raped? Yes.Matthew is from rape.(He's Mark's though)
Why are you dating a rapist? That's disgusting. First of all,Mark is NOT a rapist.He was only 16 at the time of the rape.He had a lot going on in his life,he was stupid,VERY stupid.He's changed. Trust me. He's not the person he was when he raped Jenna.He knows what he did was wrong,he definatley feels bad for it, and does wish he hadn't.Although,he's still the same person I fell in love with.

Wow. This is just so messed up. Someone go rescue that child from herself.

I had thought about commenting directly there, or in her own journal. It's clear however she won't listen to advice of any kind. It's things like this that make me lose a little bit of faith in humanity. She's just a little girl.

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